Our Print Champions

    list: Communications and Media Industry Training Organisationlist: Waimea Printlist: APN Printlist: Graphic Press & Packaginglist: Print Central Ltdlist: Wilson Medialist: Whangarei Printlist: The Print Counsellist: Newspaper Publishers' Associationlist: Printhouse Nelson Ltdlist: Quiqcorp Ltd list: Blue Star Grouplist: Apex Printlist: Multimail Solutionslist: Ferrostaal New Zealandlist: The Caxton Presslist: New Zealand Paper Forumlist: Blenheim Printlist: Pivotal Technology Limited - Marketing Specialistslist: International Printlist: Print Houselist: Dunedin Print Limitedlist: PrintNZ Traininglist: CQlist: Simpson Print Limitedlist: TP Printing Services Ltdlist: New Zealand Printing Companylist: Copyfast Ltdlist: Soar Printinglist: The British Printing Industries Federation (BPIF)list: Charta Packaginglist: Spectrum Printlist: Anco Printlist: New Century Presslist: Fairfax Medialist: PublishMe Print & Publish list: Publicity Printing Ltdlist: Admark Visual Imaging Ltdlist: Rapid Labelslist: Publishers Association of NZ list: Boughtwood Design & Printlist: Digitex Design & Print Limitedlist: A P Woodhamlist: Leading Labellist: Bream Bay Design & Printlist: Clarity Presslist: Razz Printlist: Verve Digitallist: Print Mondaylist: Interpac Packaginglist: Maxim Printlist: Wickliffe Ltdlist: printing.com Whangareilist: Jago Print & Graphics Ltdlist: Impressions Internationallist: Clutha Printlist: Print & Packaging Services Ltdlist: DPODlist: Graphix Explosionlist: Fusion Print Grouplist: PMP Printlist: Securacopylist: Candida Stationerylist: Images Unlimitedlist: Heidelberglist: Canonlist: Magazine Publishers Associationlist: LabelTeclist: Displayschemes Ltdlist: Printlinklist: H & A Design and Print list: The Printery – Massey Universitylist: Xact Labellinglist: Plan Copylist: Astra Printlist: DIC New Zealandlist: Southern Colour Printlist: Nichsolson Print Solutionslist: Craigs Design & Print Ltdlist: Format Printlist: Thames Publications Ltdlist: Copyland Digital Printlist: Adgraphixlist: B&F Papers Ltdlist: printing.comlist: Broderick Printing & Design Ltdlist: Porirua Printlist: University of Canterburylist: McCollams/Panprintlist: Elizabeth Taylor Graphicslist: BJ Ball Grouplist: Flint Grouplist: Peacock Brothers NZ Ltdlist: Spicers Paperlist: Adrenalin Publishing list: City Print Communicationslist: Self Adhesive Label Manufacturers Association of New Zealand list: Pure Printlist: Fisher Printlist: Action Media Ltdlist: Mann Print & Design list: Quality Printlist: Elite Print Limitedlist: Rainbow Print Grouplist: Webstarlist: Jeff Oliver Print Ltdlist: Norske Skoglist: Te Rau Design & Print

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Print Champions are organisations and individuals who believe in a strong vibrant print industry in New Zealand and who actively support the Print: Part of Life campaign. To view all of our Print Champions, simply click on the side arrows. Hover over the logos to read about each Print Champion, or click on the logo to visit their website.

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